Understanding Soul Attitudes (Chart)

You relate to God with your soul, and your soul’s response to Him determines whether or not He is pleased with you. But that said, remember that God is extremely easy to succeed with and He never expects more from you than you can give Him. Learning about who God is and what He wants is a process; it’s not something you accomplish overnight. Just as human parents enjoy seeing their children develop and delight in celebrating their children’s “aha” moments, God enjoys all of the stages of your spiritual development and He isn’t in a flaming hurry for you to arrive at complete maturity. God focuses on the journey, not the destination.

With that in mind, I’ve created a chart that will help you get an understanding of the most important soul attitudes. The point of the chart is not to make you feel depressed about how far you have to go. It’s to help you have an idea of what to aim for. God will always put succeeding with Him right now well within your grasp, so if you feel like He’s demanding the impossible from you, you’re probably being conned by demons and I recommend that you check out the material in Recognizing God’s Conviction (Charts).

A Chart for You: Essential Soul Attitudes

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