Can Bestiality Be Cured?

I am a 19 year old bisexual man, and I’ve been experiencing pedophilia and some amount of bestiality (zoophilia) I know that pedophilia can be cured, but is zoophilia the same? It’s been giving me constant anxiety and I don’t want to live with that burden.

Bisexualism, pedophilia, and bestiality/zoophilia are all symptoms of psychological trauma. As your mind resolves its distress over the traumatic experiences that are linked to these symptoms, the symptoms will automatically begin to subside.

Trauma symptoms surface as a result of a traumatized element (either your mind or soul) obsessing over an ongoing problem. It’s rather like having a pebble in your shoe: as long as the pebble is there, all you can think about it is the discomfort it is causing every time you take a step. But what happens when you finally take off your shoe and dump the pebble out? You stop thinking about your feet and go on with your day. In the same way, once your mind stops feeling so threatened by traumatic memories, it will file those memories into its normal archives and move on. When it does that, the surface symptoms you have developed as a result of your mind obsessing will also go away.

Filing Memories

Now in real life, trauma symptoms tend to fade at different rates. In a previous post, I explained the concept of memory tags. Whenever you go through any kind of experience (good, bad, or neutral), your mind chooses a few aspects of that experience to focus on in its filing efforts. A single memory file contains a massive amount of data, and that means it could be filed under a thousand different categories. But your mind likes order, not clutter, and it doesn’t want to have to sift through a ton of memory files every time it wants to look something up. To keep its memory archives organized and efficient to use, it chooses a limited number of categories to file each memory under. In other words, it chooses a few favourite categories instead of filing the memory under every relevant category.

Let’s use an example to clarify this concept. The memory of you walking through a forest could be logically filed under so many different categories, yet your mind will only select what it considers to be a few “top” categories. It might choose categories like forest, trees, nature hike. Now when you actually went on the hike, you were wearing clothes and shoes and carrying a water bottle, yet your mind doesn’t file the memory under these other topics, even though they are directly connected to that memory. If your mind filed a single memory under every relevant category, it would cause that memory to surface all the time, and your mind considers that to be clutter. Just as you want your “Google search” results to be as helpful as possible, your mind wants its own memory database searches to pull up information that is helpful. If you were to sit down and plan another forest hike, that would a good time to review how your first hike went, which is why your mind filed that memory using the tag “forest hike.” But when you’re shopping for new shoes, or drinking from a water bottle, your mind doesn’t want to keep tripping over that forest hike file. Even though shoes and water bottles were involved in the original hiking experience, your mind didn’t consider them to be significant elements of that experience, so it doesn’t bother tagging the forest hike under “shoes” or “water bottle”.

Now all minds are very selective in how they categorize their memory files. At the time you first have an experience your mind makes a zillion decisions super fast about which elements of that experience it considers significant and which it considers trivial. It then focuses its tags on the significant elements. As a result, you will often find yourself feeling a bit surprised by the bits and pieces you remember from the distant past. While your mind keeps certain elements of your past memories easy to access, it buries the rest, and this results in you having a very patchy recall of your own history.

Symptom Analysis

Now let’s talk about your current set of symptoms. Be aware that this trio of symptoms you’re experiencing can easily be linked to the same traumatic memory file(s). It is extremely common for pedophilia to come paired with other symptoms. While it is also possible that your three symptoms are being caused by different traumas, it is very likely they are all linked to the same set of experiences.

The kinds of experiences that cause pedophilia are deeply upsetting to your mind and it is guaranteed that your mind is stressing over multiple aspects of your own traumatic experience. Pedophilia arises when your mind is focused on the element of age: usually your own age at the time you were traumatized or the age of someone who was directly involved in traumatizing you. Bisexuality is caused by your mind focusing on the element of gender. Bestiality is a result of your mind connecting your trauma with some quality about animals.


The surprising thing about bestiality is that it can easily surface without you having any direct contact with animals during your traumatic experience. All that is needed here is for your mind to lock on to the fact that something animal related was in the environment with you at the time. A stuffed bear, a painting of an animal, the presence of a household pet somewhere in the room, or even the sound of a dog barking in the distance can all be enough to trigger bestiality if your mind happens to label such details as significant. Remember, you have no control over how your mind chooses its categories, nor is there anything “wrong” with it choosing one thing over another. The selection of categories is not a moral issue. Morality only comes into it later on when your mind begins obsessing over some of its significant tags in a way that causes you to want to do things that seem morally wrong to your soul.

It is very helpful for your soul to understand how trauma symptoms form. People who struggle with things like bestiality often feel like there is something terrible wrong with them on a core level. But, no, this has nothing to do with being “twisted” or “born evil.” Your mind is not acting “perverse” when it sifts through a memory file and highlights certain elements as being more significant than others. To your mind, this is a straightforward, logical process. When it then begins to obsess over the elements it has highlighted, that also feels like a very logical and pro-active problem solving process. Things only get “twisted” when our minds push us to turn its logical obsessions into symbolic actions that do harm to ourselves and others. Since this kind of harm only creates more problems (some of which can be quite devastating), it is essential that we take steps to help our minds identify better ways of resolving their distress.

Common Themes

For you, we see three themes surfacing: age, gender, and animals. Once we realize how little it takes for animals to become a theme, we can stop seeing the bestiality as a standalone issue. No trauma results in a single symptom. All traumas result in many symptoms, and those symptoms tend to grow worse and multiply over time. In your case, all three of your symptoms are being linked to the idea of intimate physical interactions. Notice how all three of these issues are looping back around to the concept of you having sexual interactions with someone or something. When your mind keeps bringing up the idea of you sexually interacting with a dog, child, or male, it is trying to get you to symbolically re-enact aspects of the original trauma experience. But remember these are symbolic re-enactments, which means you shouldn’t see them as accurate replays. Instead, the mind is trying to connect specific details of the original setting (age, gender, some kind of animal presence) with the actual trauma (some form of unwanted touch). How do we know it was touch? Because your mind keeps emphasizing it. Let’s draw it out:

Now since all three of your symptoms are overriding your natural sex drive, the original trauma likely occurred prior to you starting puberty. The fact that we see your mind overriding your sex drive so strongly tells us that it interpreted whatever happened to you as a form of sexual invasion. But here we need to be very cautious, because young children interpret sexual invasion very broadly. Any kind of invasive experience involving private parts can easily be interpreted as a form of sexual assault by young minds even when what actually happened might not appear at all that way to an observer. Because we see such strong overrides of your natural sex drive happening for you at such a young age, we can see that your mind is feeling highly stressed. Remember that it requires a lot of effort on the part of your mind to keep up these ongoing obsessions. But the good news is that your mind will also be dropping a lot of other clues to help you figure out what originally happened, and what specific traumatic beliefs your it has formed. My book for pedophiles will walk you through a form of self-diagnosis that will help you pick up on the clues your mind is giving you.

Now the good news is that as your mind becomes less stressed, you’ll see this triad of symptoms start to fade. The order in which they will fade has to do with how your mind has prioritized them.

After your mind selects elements to highlight (in your case, age, gender, and something animal related), it then assigns those highlights differing levels of importance. For example, your mind might feel that age was a more significant issue than the association with animals. If this is the case, then as your mind calms down, the bestiality symptom will start to fade at a faster rate than the pedophilia symptom.

Double Prong Symptoms

Now because real life is complicated, there are often situations in which one of your trauma tags feels reinforced by other stressful experiences. Your bisexualism is a very good candidate here. Let’s say you had an early life assault experience in which a male was your attacker. That experience laid the groundwork for you to develop bestiality, pedophilia, and bisexualism. In this case, your mind starts pushing you to sexually interact with other males who symbolize your male attacker because it is trying to get you to symbolically re-enact your original attack. (This is just one of many possible logic streams here.) But then suppose that as you went on from that experience, you felt that your father was refusing to emotionally engage with you. Now we have a situation in which you are feeling a desperate need to connect with an essential male figure in your life. Being snubbed by a father figure can easily cause a boy to become bisexual, only in this case, the goal is to try to find a male partner who will symbolize your father. By pushing you to intimately interact with a father substitute, your mind tries to fill the emotional void your father caused by refusing to affirm you as a child. (Again, I’m using just one of many possible scenarios.)

In the situation I just described, your mind ends up having two different reasons for pushing you towards male romantic partners. The first reason is to resolve the stress caused by your male attacker. The second reason is to resolve the stress caused by your indifferent father. As you can imagine, a double prong symptom like this would cause male sexual partners to become very complicated figures to your mind. Double prongs often happen in real life, and when they do, it causes their related symptoms to be slower to fade. Let’s draw it out:

In this scenario, as you resolve the stress caused by your assault trauma, we will see the three symptoms related to those traumas start to fade. But because the bisexualism is a double prong symptom, it will remain intact even as the pedophilia and bestiality fade out. You can easily misinterpret this kind of pattern to mean you’re either not recovering or that you were born bi. But behind the scenes, your mind will have significantly altered its view of males. Yes, it will still push you towards male partners, but now only for the purpose of resolving the father trauma instead of also trying to resolve the attacker trauma. This is significant progress, and if you were to do some self-analysis after the bestiality and pedophilia started receding, you would likely notice that your view of male partners has shifted in tone, meaning that you’ve changed with regards to what kind of specific relationship dynamics you want to have with them. Here’s a picture of what we have left after you resolve the attacker trauma:

I explained the double prong issue to help you understand that there are important background mechanics surrounding the bestiality issue. How fast it fades in comparison to the bisexualism and pedophilia depends on how significant your mind feels the animal issue was in your original trauma. It also depends on what has happened to you since then, and if you have had any other stressful experiences that have caused the bestiality symptom to become a double prong issue.


In trauma recovery, any reduction in symptom severity is fantastic progress, so it’s important not to get discouraged by how long these things take. Just as you can’t unravel a large, complicated knot in a matter of seconds, you can’t unravel severe trauma in a few months. Recovering from trauma is a lot like trying to grow a tree from a seed: you need to be patient, and you need to keep nurturing your mind along with validation, encouragement, and hope. But the payoffs are fantastic and absolutely worth the effort.

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