The Different Priorities of Your Four Elements (Chart)

I created the following festive chart to help you better understand your human design. Here we are focusing on two main issues: what your elements care about, and how what they care about affects the way that they assess your life experiences. When people talk about having a moral code, they are usually referring to how their soul views things. But in real life, you actually have four different elements making their own assessments of whether your current situation is good or bad. With so many individual voices weighing in, it’s no wonder you often find yourself having multiple, conflicting opinions. But before you start feeling bad for being a “hypocrite” or “two-faced,” realize that you were intentionally designed by God to be this complicated.

Here’s a fun little application exercise. The next time you find yourself forming an opinion about someone or something, refer to this chart and see if you can pinpoint which of your elements is casting a vote on that specific matter. For example, when you accidentally ram your toe into a piece of furniture, your body screams BAD, BAD, VERY BAD!! because your body cares about avoiding harm. Your subconscious agrees with your body that this toe thing was a very unfortunate event because your subconscious also wants to keep your body safe from harm. Your soul agrees that your body’s state of pain is unfortunate, but it isn’t as upset about the toe thing as your body is. Your conscious is upset by proxy–because it senses tension from your body and subconscious.

Or suppose your friend tells you she’s too ill to meet for lunch, but then you see her having coffee with someone else. Your soul gets very upset about this because your friend has lied to you, and lying is morally wrong. Your subconscious also gets upset because it realizes your friend is withholding something positive from you (her company and a relaxing visit), just so she can give those resources to someone else instead. Your subconscious doesn’t like having its resources blocked, and a friendship is an important resource. Your body simply won’t care about this situation because its not being directly affected. It will pick up a bit of distress from your subconscious, however, because it always feels nervous when the element it depends on becomes upset. As for your conscious, well, with both of your alpha elements (your soul & subconscious) acting so upset, your conscious will start to fret as well–not because of what your friend did, but because of the sudden increase of internal tensions.

You are a very complex little thing, and getting more familiar with how you were designed to operate can help you in so many areas. If you’d like to save a copy of this chart for your own reference, click the link below to download the file.