About Anna

Passionate about making life-changing help available to those who are struggling with issues that no one wants to touch, Anna has spent years working as an independent trauma counsellor. She has helped clients in countries all over the world deal with a wide range of issues, including marital strife, drawing boundaries, torture recovery, hearing voices, addictions to deviant porn, physical abuse, self-injury, and sexual assault. Working outside of the system in order to create a truly safe environment for people who are afraid of public exposure–such as those struggling with pedophilia–Anna never charges a fee, while giving her clients the option to remain anonymous. “There is always hope” is her counselling motto.

Having seen firsthand how hard it is for many people to ask for help, Anna maintains this educational website through which she gives free, in-depth advice on psychological and spiritual matters while making it easy for people to submit their questions anonymously. Her books are packed with insights that are hard to come by in many counseling offices. Not one to minimize truth and a firm believer in dealing with root causes, Anna’s material is sure to challenge your view of yourself and inspire you to see your fellow humans through the eyes of grace, love, and compassion.

Are you interested in spiritual topics?

If so, check out The God Path, Anna’s other site which focuses on spiritual topics. On both of her sites, people are welcome to anonymously submit specific questions or topic requests using the provided forms.

A Caution for My Readers

I deal with some very dark issues on this site. To protect yourself from unnecessary stress, pay attention to the titles of my posts, and if you see terms like “pedophile” or “scat porn”, realize that post will likely contain content that many people will find disturbing.

In cases where I don’t feel the title of a post is giving people sufficient warning about its contents, I will include a warning at the top of the post to help you out. Exposing your mind to highly disturbing content can have lasting negative effects, so please be discerning about which posts you choose to delve into.

That said, I am very passionate about helping people gain understanding and hope in the midst of very dark struggles. If you are looking for help with your own situation, I encourage you to send me a request.