Counselling Sessions

I am not taking on full time clients at this time.

In some cases, I will offer to set up a single counselling session with someone. When people provide their actual email address (instead of the generic one) along with their request, and if their request is of a highly sensitive or complex nature, I will probably reply to them directly to offer them the chance to discuss their concerns over the phone. Some take me up on this offer, some do not. If someone chooses not to take me up on this, I will not repeat my invitation. I am very much against counsellors chasing people. I believe counselling can only be effective when it is entirely voluntary on the part of the client.

If someone specifically requests a counselling session and provides me with a contact email, I will usually offer to talk to them one time. To maximize the value they get out of the session, I invite clients to email me any background information or specific questions they have ahead of the session so that I can make sure all of their concerns are addressed. I typically schedule 90 minutes for these sessions. It is not advisable for clients to discuss highly sensitive subjects for longer than this as it’s too emotionally draining.

I counsel people over the phone using well-established apps which offer international calling free of charge. I don’t do video calls, as I find my clients feel more comfortable when they are not being stared at.


If you are seeking advice as a couple and want to set up a consultation with me, you will have to commit to three separate sessions. Before I will advise you as a couple on a group call, I will first talk with each of you in a private one-on-one session so that I can establish a positive dynamic with you and understand your personal perspective of the problem. I will not compromise on this policy. I take the responsibility of giving quality advice very seriously, and it is impossible for me to get an adequate understanding of your relationship’s current issues until I have a chance to talk with everyone involved. Information that you share in a private session will remain confidential and not be shared during the group session unless you choose to do so.

My Approach

There are many different approaches to counselling. Some counsellors emphasize empathetic listening over advising. Others focus on offering advice and education. I personally feel that the latter is a far more valuable service. While empathetic listening is a very helpful to the healing process, I don’t believe it’s ethical to charge high fees when the counsellor is contributing so little to the session.

My own approach to counselling puts a strong emphasis on educating clients to better understand themselves. I want people to feel that they have really learned something by the end of a session with me–to feel like they have progressed in some notable way. I am not someone who “eases in.” Since I work with tight time constraints and am usually talking to people who are pretty desperate for help, I move fast to uncover the core issues. This means I ask a lot of diagnostic questions, and I delve into the gritty details right away instead of avoiding sensitive topics. My style of counselling is not a good match for clients who are not ready for an intense discussion of their concerns in the first session. My clients find me very compassionate and easy to talk to, so my style is not at all harsh, but my pace is intense and you will feel a sense of forward motion talking to me.

I deal with spiritual and psychological issues, which means I work with the mind and soul together as opposed to just focusing on one or the other. A psychiatrist will typically focus on the mind, while a pastor will focus on the soul. I focus on both elements together, which is a very different kind of approach, and one that I feel is far more beneficial to the client.


While I believe that high quality counselling is entirely worthy of a high fee, I choose to work for free. I have several reasons for this, one of them having to do with my desire to offer anonymity to my clients. In this modern age, total privacy is impossible to offer, however by not taking forms of payments and by inviting my clients to use false names, I get as close as I can to offering people anonymity.


Taking notes is vital to providing quality counselling, but the records I keep are temporary and can be destroyed at any time per my client’s request. If I am currently maintaining records on you and you want them to be destroyed, simply email me a request and I will email you confirmation when your request has been completed. On rare occasions, record deletion could take up to 24 hours, but in most cases I will be able to get it done within a few hours if not sooner. Be aware that once I delete your records, if I ever counsel you in the future, we will have to review your history again for your new file.

Repeat Sessions

Due to my own resource limitations, it is rare for me to offer repeat sessions. In some cases, I will arrange to periodically touch base with clients whose situations can benefit from that kind of help. Many people need a more intensive counselling schedule than I can offer at this time. I cannot provide emergency sessions or support through text messages. Any session with me must be scheduled ahead of time. I will not reschedule with no shows.


I am not a licensed counsellor. If I was, it would be impossible for me to offer anonymity, record deletion, and advice that I feel is correct and ethical in all cases. To maintain a license would require aligning with many psychological philosophies which I believe to be entirely wrong. I take the moral responsibility of advising clients too seriously to compromise in this area.

Contacting Me

You can contact me through this form. If you would like to request a one-time counselling session, I will need a valid email address as well as a general idea of what issues you want to discuss.