Regarding Supernatural Beings

I am a counselor who focuses on both spiritual and psychological issues. Usually counselors choose to focus on only one of these areas, and a singular focus drastically changes the kind of advice they give.

I believe that to really help people sort out their psychological and spiritual concerns, the complex relationship between the mind and soul must be acknowledged. Your mind reacts to everything your soul is doing, and vice versa. This makes it impossible to have psychological problems which don’t also affect your soul, or spiritual problems which don’t also affect your mind.

Relationships are a critical issue for humans. Our relationships with other beings have a profound impact on how well our core needs are met, what kinds of beliefs we form (both psychological and spiritual), and what kinds of choices we make in life. Humans do not exist in isolation. They are very influenced by what they see other beings doing, and by how those other beings choose to interact with them.

Just as most humans are unable to tell the difference between the voice of their soul and the voice of their mind, most humans are also unable to differentiate between their own thoughts and the communications they are receiving from supernatural beings. Spiritual discernment is the term I use for learning how to recognize when non-human entities are communicating with you, and the two kinds of entities that matter for humans are demons and God.

Demons are malicious non-human creatures who interact with humans for the primary purpose of harming them, either immediately or in the longterm. God is an entirely different kind of non-human Being who is solely responsible for creating and sustaining everything that exists. God does not have a gender, body or ethnicity. In my material, I refer to God as a He for grammatical convenience, not because I think that God is male. In the English language, it sounds derogatory and incorrect to speak of a living being as an it. This is a gender focused language, in which we also use capitalization to express respect. I personally have immense respect for God, which is why I follow the centuries old tradition of capitalizing all pronouns referring to Him.

To thrive as a human, learning how to form healthy relationships with your fellow human beings is as important as learning how to respond wisely to God and demons. Supernatural beings require different handling than human beings, and dealing wisely with demons is an entirely different affair than responding wisely to God.

It is impossible to counsel people well on spiritual matters without acknowledging the reality of supernatural beings. But it is also quite possible to teach people many vital principles regarding such beings without promoting a specific religion. By His own choice, God has encouraged humans to develop a wide variety of religious beliefs and He then works with us all within those various contexts. While many spiritual counselors take a stance of “You can’t know the truth until you officially join my chosen religious community,” this is not the correct way to counsel people. When advising on spiritual matters, the sovereignty of God must be acknowledged, as well as the fact that He chooses to introduce Himself to people using a wide variety of avatars. The Christian cannot legitimately say “You can’t be speaking to the real God unless you call Him Jesus,” anymore than the Muslim can say, “You can’t know the real God unless you know Him as Allah.” It is impossible to predict the kinds of imagery, names, and titles God will choose when introducing Himself to a specific human soul. But while these details can vary greatly from person to person, the principles for how we ought to relate to our Creator remain the same. Helping you understand those principles is one of the goals of this site.

You cannot know God until He chooses to introduce Himself to you. Many spiritual counselors believe that it’s not possible to help anyone until that person first establishes a personal relationship with God, and this causes counselors to focus on converting people to a specific religion before offering any kind of help. Once again, this is the wrong approach. There is plenty of valuable information that you can learn about yourself and others before you personally meet your Maker, and there is plenty of progress that you can make in resolving your problems. God often chooses to leave us in the dark about His reality for a very long time before He finally speaks to us, yet that doesn’t mean He leaves us without hope. Maturity can be pursued at every stage of life, and the primary purpose of this site is to help you with that pursuit no matter where you are at.

On this site, you will find advice on psychological topics, spiritual topics, and explanations of human behavior. You will also find articles which help you gain a better understanding of God and demons so that you can learn to interact with these beings in ways that will help and not harm you. Regardless of what your current beliefs are regarding supernatural beings, there is a lot of material on this site which can help you make wise choices in your own life.