Books by Anna

As handy as blogs are for posting educational articles, they are too limited to delve into great depth. After years of blogging, I finally decided to write some books so that I could provide more in-depth guidance on two topics that I’m very passionate about: how to relate well to other humans, and how to respond wisely to supernatural beings. I also wrote a book specifically for pedophiles, as I feel they really get shafted by psychological and spiritual communities when it comes to receiving quality help.

You can find all of my books on my Amazon author page. My goal is to make these things easily accessible, however Amazon’s self-publishing system sets a minimal price for paperback books which is rather high. Given that they print on demand, it’s reasonable for them to cover their costs, but to make my books more accessible, I’ve published ebooks as well, which can be set to a much lower price. I also use Amazon’s option of making all of my ebooks free to read for Amazon Kindle members. My goal is to educate, not get rich.

On the following pages, I include a bit more information about why I wrote each book for those who are interested: