A No-Nonsense Guide to Demons

Demons are real, and when they are all over you, where can you find help?  Contending that the popular advice on how to handle demons is the wrong advice, spiritual counselor Anna Marr explains why using holy water, Bibles, crosses and spells to keep demons at bay is only playing into their hands.  She explains why demons love Christian prayer warriors, exorcists, sorcerers, mediums, and Holy Ghost slayings.  She helps you understand the complex agendas at work behind ghost theatrics and how demons create impressive sounding prophecies even though they don’t know the future.  Written to help people from any religious background—including those who don’t know what to make of supernatural beings—Anna explains how to find and relate to the real God, what to make of  Jesus Christ, and why demons are so aggressive towards humans.   She explains why the souls of dead humans can’t be contacted, why God wants the world to be full of suffering, and how human choice works.  Well-versed on the Christian Bible, Anna helps you understand how that book has been used to promote fictitious personalities like the spirit of Jezebel and invent many “promises” of God that aren’t legitimate.   You’ll learn why you shouldn’t view Satan as ultra powerful, why demons really don’t operate Hell, and why it’s quite impossible to sell your soul to anyone.  Anna also explains why the popular understanding of exorcism is a farce, and how to respond wisely to demonic possession and harassment.  This concise manual will give you all of the information you need to respond to supernatural beings in a way that will benefit your soul.  Packed with insights that you won’t find anywhere else, this book is your in-depth guide to the untaught truths about supernatural beings.     

Why write a book about demons?

It’s extremely difficult to find accurate teaching on supernatural beings. The internet is the first place people turn to for help these days, and so much of the advice that you’ll find online about how to deal with demons, ghosts, and spirits is not just wrong–it’s dangerous.
After spending years educating people about spiritual concerns through a blog, I decided to write a book because the length of a book allows me to get much more in-depth. Blog articles are simply too short to cover all of the questions I wanted to address, and if I divide the information up into different articles, I have to keep repeating the same introductory concepts over and over.

Which religion does your teaching align with?

There is no organized religion that gets it right when it comes to accurately explaining what demons are and how humans should respond to them. I wish there was, because it would certainly be nice to simply tell people which religion to go for and know that they were in safe hands. But unfortunately, this just isn’t how things are. Even the religions that get sort of close to the truth either leave out critical information or add in a lot of extra guff that ends up really leading people astray. Demons are very malicious creatures, and when you don’t understand what their agenda is with you or what they are capable of, there is no end to the kind of angst they can cause you.

Who did you write this book for?

I wrote this book to help those who are sincerely searching for truth. I intentionally worded it in a way that will be easy for anyone to understand, regardless of their current spiritual beliefs. Even if you don’t consider yourself religious and have never encountered supernatural entities, this book can be a massive help to you if you are interested in the topic. My goal was to give people a solid foundation of truth and some guiding principles that can help them thrive as they continue on their own spiritual journeys.

What do you like best about the book?

Like many counselors, I tend to feel rather protective over my clients. People reach out to me when they are in very fragile, vulnerable states and in the process of counseling them, I often hear stories of how other humans have abused them by filling their heads with lies. What I like best about my book is its potential to make people far less susceptible to being spiritually deceived. So much damage is done when we accept lies about how God views us or about why malicious entities are attacking us. As a counselor, my goal is to help my clients become less dependent on human guides and better at discerning truth for themselves. In my book I debunk many distressing false beliefs (such as the theory that humans can actually harm you with curses) and I take the mystery out of a lot of the disturbing material that people come across online (such as YouTube videos of possessed people writhing about). Witnessing demons attacking someone else can be just as upsetting as having them attack you personally. The more you understand what’s really going on in these moments, the less upset you will be.

Who is going to have a problem with this book?

If you are already convinced that your religion’s teachings about supernatural entities are infallible, then you are probably going to find this book quite upsetting. There just isn’t a diplomatic way to explain that so many of the theories humans promote about themselves, God, and demons are absolute guff. In my book, I move quickly through a long list of topics and dish out a lot of blunt truths that you will probably find shocking and offensive, depending on what your religious community has taught you to believe. As I said, this book is for people who want to know the truth. If you feel that you already have all of the answers that you need, why bother?