How To Access My eBooks

My books have always been available in digital format (ebooks), however Amazon recently changed the way it markets ebooks, which has caused my digital books to be listed as “title not available” in their main store. If you download Amazon’s Kindle app from the Google Play store, then look up my full author name (Anna Christine Marr), you’ll find all of my ebooks listed as available for purchase.

My goal is to make the material as accessible as possible, which is why I’ve entered all of my ebooks into Amazon’s program that allows Kindle Unlimited subscribers to read them for free (hooray!). After that, the next cheapest option is to get the ebooks, which are significantly cheaper than the paperbacks. Amazon sets their own minimum pricing on all formats, and I try to match that price (as opposed to increasing it for profit). The paperbacks are so expensive due to them covering their publishing costs (they basically print them in small batches).

The only book I didn’t covert to an ebook is “The Journey” because it is the same as the pedophilia book, only retitled for use in sensitive public environments (such as prisons) where ebooks aren’t available.