Recovering from Pedophilia

Also Available in French & Portuguese

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Understanding how risky it is to admit that you are struggling with certain problems in today's world, Anna brings the counselor to you in this book that is speaking directly to pedophiles. Designed to give you an experience that is close to talking to a counselor one-on-one, this book is divided into therapy sessions with homework assignments that carefully guide you through deep self-analysis at a safe pace. Reading this book will not only give you an in-depth understanding of how your mind works and why it is expressing pedophiliac desires, it will also give the tools you need to develop self-respect, self-compassion, and hope. Contrary to what many respected medical institutions claim, Anna believes that pedophilia CAN be cured when the right methods are used. Anna believes that effective therapy methods are gentle and respectful of the mind's wisdom, sensitivities, and boundaries. Her deep compassion for pedophiles and her vast understanding of psychological principles comes through in this positive, encouraging work. Filled with easy to understand metaphors and true-to-life examples, Anna helps you make sense of not only your pedophilia, but also other symptoms that are commonly associated with this type of trauma, such as child molestation, porn addictions, bestiality and BDSM. If you are looking for real help with a very legitimate psychological problem, read this book. It will change your life.
CAUTION: This book was written specifically for those struggling with pedophilia. Due to the nature of the subject involved, this book contains disturbing descriptions of deviant sexual behaviors and sexual assault. It is not recommended for those who are not interested in the main topic.

The Journey

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This is a discreet version of Recovering from Pedophilia: An In-Depth Guide to Healing & Hope. This version was created for use in sensitive situations, such as prison environments, in which it is problematic to have the subject matter of the book prominently displayed.


  • A discreet title.
  • Reduced font sizes.
  • Removal of the section index & chapter separators.
  • A reference to “chapters” instead of “sessions.”
  • These changes reduce the length and printing cost of the book.

Has This Book Helped Real People?

I understand the risk you take adding a book like this to your “order history” on Amazon. And with pedophilia being such a loaded issue, no one wants to write a public review on Amazon saying, “Hey, this really helped me.” A book like this is typically bought in secret, read in secret, and not commented on in any public way. This naturally raises the question: does it really make a difference?

I’m thrilled to report that I have been privately contacted by several individuals who are personally struggling with this issue, and their feedback about my book was very positive. They all felt the book helped them finally make logical sense out of what their minds were doing and made them realize that they aren’t the lost causes they thought they were. Understanding is critical to easing shame and increasing hope.

Amazon prints self-published books to order, so to cover their costs, the minimum price that they require authors to post for their paperbacks is set significantly higher than the minimum price for ebooks. The prices I choose to set on my pedophilia books takes into account that there are many people who would want to purchase one of these books just to have the opportunity to write a review expressing their hatred for pedophiles. You’ll see a few of these appear on Amazon, but for the most part, setting a high enough base price has deterred most people with this motivation from bothering to purchase a book that they aren’t really interested in reading. As for making a personal profit, I have shipped so many of these books out to various prison ministries around the world at my own expense that I’ll never come close to actually making a monetary profit off of them. If you want to get rich, you don’t write a book on pedophilia. But if you want to get real help to people who feel desperate to keep their struggles entirely secret, then writing a book is the best way to go.

If you are personally struggling with pedophilia, I strongly encourage you to give this book a try. I really believe it can help you regain self-respect, become hopeful about your future, and acquire a better quality of life. As for my rather unbelievable claim that pedophilia can be completely cured, I’m not just saying that. I have seen it happen, and it can happen for you.