What’s Wrong With My Relationships?

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In this book, trauma counselor Anna Marr explains complex psychological mechanics in a way that anyone can understand. Using creative metaphors and true to life examples, she shows you how to pinpoint what is going wrong in relationships that feel strained, awkward, distant, and abusive. She explains how to tell when you can fix troubled relationships and when you need to walk away. Combining her vast understanding of psychology with a high regard for her fellow human beings, Anna equips you with the information you need to start and maintain healthy relationships. Eleven list making exercises help you apply what you learn in each chapter to the relationships you're struggling with today. A must read for anyone who wants to improve their social skills. 

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There are already so many books about relationships available, so why bother to write a new one?

Sure, there are a lot of books giving you relationship advice--but are they helping you? Are they giving you an in-depth understanding of how relationships work, or are they just skimming the surface?
What I remember most about my experience with formal education is how frustrated I was at the lack of depth. When you really want to learn about a topic, you want teachers who will tell you something new--something you didn't already know. When people read my books, I want them to feel like they learned a lot of new information. I want them to experience a lasting change in perspective--the kind that helps them go forward in life viewing themselves and others with greater compassion and understanding. Reading light material can be a great way to mentally recharge, but when I teach people, my goal is to help, not entertain.

What do you like most about your book?

I like how dense it is--I cover a lot of key topics in a short amount of space. I also like the fact that it has application exercises which can help people improve relationships in their lives today. A lot of guidebooks leave us feeling too overwhelmed to come up with action plans. In my book, I break the application down into small steps so that people can experience diagnosing what is going wrong in their own relationships, as well as working out practical steps they can take to address those issues. It's very rewarding to see yourself doing the kind of analysis that you'd normally have to pay a lot of money for a counselor to do for you. Anyone can learn to diagnose the root causes of their problems in life, and I love giving people the tools they need to feel less dependent on high priced "experts."

Who could benefit from reading this book?

This really is one of those topics that applies to everyone on the planet, because we all interact with other humans. I intentionally wrote this book for a general audience and I do believe that everyone who reads it will have some "aha" moments, no matter how good they currently are at managing their relationships.